Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash

Interview with the founders of boring businesses.

Interview with the founder of Secrets
Ever wondered how a simple idea turned into a successful business? Meet the founder of "Secrets" the password manager that started as a side project during university days.
Interview with the founder of Remote Rocketship
In this interview, we talk about how Lior Neu-ner came up with the idea for Remote Rocketship, a cool job-search website. He made it because his wife had trouble finding good job info.
Interview with the founder of ProjectionLab
ProjectionLab is a tool for planning your money in a private way. It helps you make financial plans that are more detailed than the usual calculators you find online for planning your retirement.
Interview with the founder of Pika Style
Pika Style is a useful web-based tool designed to assist designer/developers in creating screenshots effortlessly.
Interview with the Founder of Instatus
Instatus allows users to create a status page to communicate their current status with customers.