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Boring Businesses

"boring" directory site for discovering SaaS products.

solo founder. monetization via premium listing. making $10k a month.

"boring" NFC name card creator.

non-technical founders. built MVP with $5,000. idea validated via TikTok. generates $25,000 a month.

Boring Articles

Business Ideas for Software Developers in 2023
Software developers often want to start their own businesses. We like having control over our time and working on things we enjoy.
Where to Buy Boring Businesses
There's a strong case to be made for considering the advantages of buying a boring business. These seemingly unexciting ventures might not capture headlines, but they often come with a host of benefits that make them an attractive choice for startup founders.
Finding Boring Business Ideas: Selling Shovels During a Gold Rush
So, you're interested in finding a boring business idea? If our approach to boring businesses has caught your attention, your next step on the journey of building a boring business is to look for opportunities that might seem, well, a bit mundane.
Boring Business vs Flashy Business: Building for Long-Term Value
In our opinion, boring business and the flashy Business are two differing philosophies guide on how business address challenges and opportunities in the market.
What Is a Boring Business?
When we talk about a "boring" business, we mean a business that focuses on solving real-world problems rather than chasing short-lived trends.