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Boring Web Scrapping Businesses by Bootstrapers

Web scraping service is a business that offers data extraction solutions for different needs. It can deal with the difficulties of web scraping.

Web scraping services can help business owners get insights, track competitors, create leads, enhance products, and make smarter decisions.

Web scraping services may seem boring, but they are very helpful and important for many businesses and industries.

Scraping Fish: $400k/mo

Scraping Fish is a web scraping service that provides a simple and reliable API to scrape any website without any hassle. Scraping Fish handles all the challenges of web scraping, such as proxies, browsers, captchas, and retries, and delivers the data you need in JSON or HTML format.


Scraping Fish was founded by Mateusz Buda and Paweł Kobojek in 2022. They started with a simple web scraping solution for real estate market that helped them track prices of apartments across multiple websites. They then released their product to external users and gained some paying customers. However, they faced challenges of being blocked by websites that use anti-scraping mechanisms. To overcome this, they built their own proxy infrastructure powered by 4G proxies and created a Scraping Fish API for web scraping.

Scraping Fish has achieved a monthly recurring revenue of $7k.


Scrapingbee: $1 million/y

ScrapingBee is a web scraping API that allows users to scrape any website without getting blocked. It handles headless browsers and rotates proxies for users, as well as offers features such as JavaScript rendering, data extraction, screenshots, and search engine result page scraping.


ScrapingBee was founded by Pierre De Wulf and Kevin Sahin in 2019. They were two indie hackers who had quit their jobs with the goal of building a sustainable SaaS business in one year. They had previously worked on a product called PricingBot, but it did not gain enough traction. They decided to pivot to a new product based on their expertise in web scraping. They built ScrapingBee in just three weeks and launched it on Product Hunt, where it got a lot of positive feedback.

ScrapingBee has grown rapidly since its launch. In 2021 Nov, ScrapingBee achieved a milestone of $1 million in annual recurring revenue.


ScraperAPI: $10k/mo

ScraperAPI is a web scraping service that provides a simple and reliable API to scrape any website without getting blocked. ScraperAPI handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs for users, and allows them to customize their requests with various parameters.


ScraperAPI was founded in 2018 by Dan Ni, a former Wall Street developer who faced challenges in web scraping. He created an API that made web scraping easy and hassle-free. ScraperAPI was acquired by SaaS.Group in 2020.

In 2021, Zoltán Bettenbuk, the CTO of ScraperAI, announced that the ScraperAPI reached $400k in monthly recurring revenue.


ScrapingAnt: $6k/mo

ScrapingAnt is a web scraping API that supports extracting data from any website with a simple API call. It also offers a custom software development service for data-related projects.


Oleg Kulyk and Andrii, two technical guys from Ukraine, founded ScrapingAnt in 2020. They were both looking for a new challenge after losing their jobs or businesses due to Covid-19. They used their expertise in data mining to create ScrapingAnt that can handle any scraping task.

In 2022, Oleg Kulyk revealed that his business was generating $6K in monthly revenue.


ScrapingDog: $22k/mo

ScrapingDog is a web scraping API that enables you to get data from any website in just a single GET request. You can use the data for various purposes, such as comparing prices, analyzing sentiments, creating data sets, generating leads, and more.


The founder of ScrapingDog was Manthan Koolwal. He started working on the product in 2016, when he was a student in Gujarat, India. He was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of his classmates and the state’s famous investors. He learned to code and met Manish, who introduced him to web scraping. He enjoyed the process and realized the demand for web scraping tools. He decided to build ScrapingDog as his own business.

ScrapingDog generated a monthly recurring revenue of $22K in 2022.