Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash

Lucrative Link-in-Bio Software Businesses

Building a link-in-bio product might not seem very interesting, but in the world of social media, this no-frills tool has become a million-dollar business.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Let’s explore a few of these 'Boring Link-in-Bio Services' and discover how they've turned simplicity into success.

Liinks: $23k/month

Liinks is a platform that centralizes users' online presence, offering a single URL for all links, social media, and content. It’s designed for artists, creators, businesses, and personal brands who want to consolidate their digital footprint in a stylish and customizable way. With features like powerful blocks for organization, team-friendly options, and affordability, Liinks serves as a versatile tool for anyone looking to influence, sell, or publish both online and offline.


Charlie Clark founded Liinks in 2020 to address the gap in the market for a link tool that was both simple and comprehensive. He wanted a platform that could create an elegant landing page for links, complete with a personalized background, social icons, logo, and bio, as well as one that could automatically sync with Instagram to add links from post captions. Liinks stands out by offering these features in a user-friendly, clean, and free package.

Liinks achieved $20K MRR in July 2023. As of now, their product homepage displays a revenue generation of $23K/mo.


Milshake: $184M/year

Milshake is a mobile app that empowers creators to build and publish stylish websites right from their smartphones. It’s designed to be user-friendly, offering a variety of customizable ‘Cards’—essentially individual web pages—that users can swipe through and personalize with their content, including links, photos, videos, and more.


Milkshake, established by Cyan Ta’eed in 2019, is designed to empower entrepreneurs by offering a user-friendly and visually appealing platform. With its initial launch targeting the Australian market, Milkshake is poised for expansion into the US and European markets. The app supports creators in enhancing their social media presence, especially on Instagram, and is recognized for its strong brand appeal within the female market.

According to Tracxn, Milkshake generated an annual revenue of $184M in 2022.


Lnk.Bio: $326k/year

Lnk.Bio distinguishes itself as the world’s second-largest link-in-bio service, renowned for its exceptional product quality and fair, transparent pricing. Despite global inflationary pressures, Lnk.Bio has maintained its original pricing since its inception in 2016, demonstrating a commitment to affordability and value for its users. This steadfast approach has helped solidify its position as a leading platform for content creators and businesses seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution for managing their online presence.


Founded in 2016 by Andrea Olivato and Sabrina Stefani, Lnk.Bio is a trailblazer in the link-in-bio industry, recognized for its diverse leadership as a Black-woman-owned and led startup. It’s one of the original three services in this niche, now ranking as the second largest globally in terms of its creator and user base. Lnk.Bio offers complimentary Activist Pro accounts to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Disability activists, promoting inclusivity and equality without the requirement of NGO affiliation. This dedication to diversity and empowerment is a cornerstone of their identity and success.

As of December 31, 2021, Lnk.Bio reported an annual revenue of $326k.


Tap Bio: $429.8m/year

Tap Bio revolutionizes the Instagram bio by offering a mini-website in story form, directly managed on a phone within Instagram. It empowers users, from personal to business accounts, to guide their followers effectively, turning them into buyers, readers, subscribers, and donors, thereby enhancing their online business presence.


Tap Bio was founded by Ryan Walker in 2016. The motivation behind creating Tap Bio was to address the limitation of Instagram allowing only one profile link, which made it challenging for users to share multiple links. Tap Bio provides a solution by offering a mini-website in story form, where users can create different cards with links.

Based on the information provided by Growjo, Tap Bio has an estimated annual revenue of $429.8 million.

tapbio-revenue.png Raised $5.52 million offers a streamlined social media experience, enabling users to curate and access their preferred content through a single, convenient hub.


Founded on September 16, 2016, by Casin Ward, Jordan Greenfield, and Sam Swan, is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Its mobile application serves as a centralized gateway to various online profiles, content, and shops, facilitating one-click access from any device. has successfully raised funding through various rounds. The most recent funding round was a Series A, completed on May 13, 2021, where the company raised around $5.52 million.


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