Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash

Boring Business Showcase: These Founders Make Boring Job Boards Lucrative

Have you ever imagined running a job board business? Does it sound boring to you?

Job boards are not boring; on the contrary, they are quite lucrative. Don't believe me? Let me show you some job boards that will change your mind.

Japan Dev: $60k/mon

Japan Dev is a job board for software developer jobs in Japan.


Japan Dev was created by Eric Turner and his wife in 2014 to address Eric's own challenge of finding a good tech job in Japan. They persevered in developing this business, and their efforts have paid off.

Eight years later (2023), it generates more than $60,000 a month, as shared by Eric on the blog:


RemoteOk: $54K/mo

RemoteOk is a job board for remote work.


RemoteOk was created by Peter Levels in 2015. As an advocate for remote work, Peter Levels believed in the future of remote work. He aggregated remote jobs from different job boards and created RemoteOk.

The result?

He publicly shared on his Twitter account that RemoteOk generates $54,000 a month as of October 2023.


Fiks: $110k/year

Fiks is a job board for internship jobs in the Netherlands.


Fiks was initially built in October 2019 under the name "Internative" by four former Maastricht University students. The founders of Fiks conceived the idea when, as students, they struggled to find suitable internships due to the limitations of existing tools and outdated job boards. They envisioned a student-friendly platform that would centralize internship opportunities and facilitate direct, personal communication with companies, leading to the creation of Fiks in October 2019.

The job board generates $110k a year according to our interview with the founder in 2023.


Remote Rocketship: $6k/mo

Remote Rocketship is a job board for remote job opportunities.


Remote Rocketship was built by Lior Neu-ner. He developed the product to assist his wife when she encountered challenges while scanning through existing job boards due to a lack of job listings.

The job board now generates $6000 a month by charging subscribers for access to the listings, according to our interview with the founder in November 2023.


RanchWork: $5k/mo

RanchWork is a job board for the ranching and outdoors industry.


RanchWork was launched in 1998, and Peter Askew took over the project in 2013 when his friend decided to abandon it. He continued to produce content for the site, and the traffic started picking up.

Hard work paid off, and Peter Askew openly shares that the site generates $5,000 a month.


InGastro: sold for $13,500

InGastro is a job board for hospitality jobs in Poland.


InGastro was built by Andrew Chemerynskiy in 2022. He conceived this project idea while brainstorming what project to work on and recognized it as a unique opportunity due to the scarcity of similar projects in Poland.

The project sold for $13,500 before generating any revenue.


Space Crew: $400/mo

Space Crew is a job board for the space industry.


Before Space Crew, Pierre Rouzaud created Rocket Crew. Rocket Crew was inspired by RemoteOk, and later, Pierre Rouzaud was joined by Alex to create Space Crew.

The job board is currently generating between $400 and $1000 a month, as revealed by Pierre Rouzaud in one of our interviews.