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Interview with the founder of ConvertCase

Jason Gillyon
Founder, ConvertCase

What is ConvertCase?

ConvertCase is a website that provides a simple and user-friendly tool for converting text between different letter case formats.

ConvertCase generates 5 figures every month with server costing 20 dollars a month.

How did you come up with the idea for the business?

It started as a bit of fun back in 2006 when a freelancer sent me an email in ALL CAPS and I needed it in normal case, so I built a prototype in around an hour rather than retyping it all.

How did you build the product?

The site started out as a PHP project, but quickly was converted to jQuery (and now pure JS) to address privacy concerns of sending data to the server to be converted. The site is now hosted on Amazon S3/Cloudfront and requires minimal resources.

How big was your team when you started?

Just myself when I started and the same now, except occasional help with ad management and SEO aspects.

How did you launch the business?

I never really did as it was just a bit of fun and has grown organically on its own over the past 17 years. They key here was to be the first with the idea and build up a good reputation.

How have you grown the business since its launch?

I try to add a new tool around once a month and continue to invest in SEO and content optimisation. The site continues to grow as per the attached screenshot dating back to 2006.

What do your financials look like?

Very good, it’s now my primary source of income. The site earns well over 5 figures every month and my latest hosting bill is still only around $20.

What is the business model (ads/subscription etc)?

The site started off ad free, but once traffic started picking up, Adsense was added. I’ve since migrated to a header bidding solution and try to recover adblocked traffic too as much as possible.