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Bootstrapped Web Scraping API Generates $8000 a Month


ScrapeNinja is a web scraping and data extraction API service.

ScrapeNinja is different from other scraping APIs because it has decoupled rendering engines and smart proxy rotation. This allows ScrapeNinja to scrape websites more efficiently and avoid being blocked.


The Team

ScrapeNinja was launched in 2021 by brothers Anthony and Oleg Sidashin.


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Business Model & Revenue

ScrapeNinja utilizes a freemium subscription model and is presently generating $8000 per month as of the time of writing.


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Though the founders haven't publicly shared their marketing strategies, through traffic analysis of the site, we can infer that the main distribution channels for ScrapeNinja are:

  • RapidAPI
  • Reddit

RapidAPI is a platform for developers to find and use various APIs, like subscribing to ScrapeNinja's service.


The founders are active on Reddit, promoting ScrapeNinja and answering web scraping questions.


Tech Stack

  • Backend: Node.js + C + Puppeteer