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Making 20K MRR via Webhook Service

About is a web service that allows users to create temporary, disposable webhooks for testing and inspecting HTTP requests.


The Team was created in 2016 by Simon Fredsted, who is the sole founder and currently the only person working on this project.

Simon Fredsted launched the project via HackerNews:


Business Model & Revenue operates on a freemium model, providing basic features for free while offering premium features through a subscription plan.

According to the founder, generates 20k MRR.


Traffic receives 200k visits a month, with the majority (62.04%) being direct traffic, indicating a strong user base.


In addition to direct traffic, other channels bringing in traffic are referral, search, and social media, suggesting that's main marketing channels are word of mouth, SEO, and social media.

traffic-channel.jpg has achieved decent SEO performance, ranking highly for related keywords.


Tech Stack

The application was built on frameworks at the beginning, enabling the founder to ship the product quickly and enter the market for validation.

  • Backend: Laravel
  • Database: Redis, MySQL, and Elasticsearch
  • Frontend: AngularJS and Bootstrap
  • Server: DigitalOcean