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Online Text Manipulation Tool Making 5 Figures a Month


Convert Case is a free online text manipulator that assists you with tasks like converting letter cases, among others. A super boring business for a solo founder.


The Team

Convert Case was started in 2006 as a small, fun side-project by Jason Gillyon and has remained a solo endeavor since its launch.


Business Model & Revenue

Convert Case currently relies on two primary revenue streams: Google AdSense and donations.

Google AdSense

The majority of the revenue is generated through Google AdSense, which benefits from an estimated 3.6 million monthly visits.

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Donations contributes only a small portion to the overall revenue.

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The cost of running the business is approximately $20 per month, resulting in an impressive profit margin for this one-person boring business!


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Tech Stack

The application's initial backend was developed using PHP, with the frontend utilizing jQuery. However, the founder later transformed it into a pure front-end application, eliminating the need for a backend to save costs.

Currently, it operates as a pure client-side application hosted on AWS:

  • Frontend: Pure JS
  • Server: AWS cloud server

Should You Enter This Space?

The founder has done an exceptional job with SEO, making Convert Case the leader in its domain. It holds the top position for most high-competition keywords, showcasing excellent SEO skills!

Top Competitors


Many high-competition keywords are ranked number one, making it extremely challenging to compete with Convert Case.


While the site may initially appear old-school, it should not be underestimated. It is, in fact, a formidable competitor.