Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash

Solo Founder Job Site Generates $350,000 a Year.


Key Values is a website that assists job seekers in discovering companies that resonate with their values and preferences.


The Creator

Key Values was founded in 2017 by Lynne Tye. Lynne Tye, a first-time founder, runs the company without employees or a physical office.



Business Model & Revenue

Key Values primarily generates revenue through its job board service. This service enables companies to post job listings and connect with potential candidates who share their values. While job seekers can use this service for free, companies are required to pay a fee for posting job listings on Key Values. This revenue model mirrors that of other job board platforms, where companies pay to reach a targeted audience of job seekers.

Key Values generates about $350,000 a year.




Key Values primarily receives traffic through direct visits. Outbound reach serves as the main marketing and sales channel, contributing significantly to direct traffic.

The secondary traffic channel is through referrals. Companies create Key Values profile pages to showcase their company culture, often linking to these pages from their company websites.


Tech Stack

  • Backend: ExpressJS
  • Frontend: Bootstrap CSS

Are You Building The Same

Key Values adopts a distinctive approach in the realm of job board businesses. Instead of solely offering job listings, it provides companies with a profile page that highlights their culture. The platform then tries to match its talent database with these cultural profiles.

This business model demands strong outbound sales skills due to its high-touch nature.