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Gift Idea Site Making $1.2 Million via Affiliate Links


Giftlab is a website that provides gift ideas for different people and various occasions.


The Team

Giftlab was created by Andrew Fiebert as a part-time project in 2018. It was conceived during keyword research for another project when he identified low-competition gift idea keywords. Recognizing an opportunity, he and his wife decided to launch Giftlab as a platform for providing gift ideas.


Business Model & Revenue

Giftlab generates its revenue through the Amazon affiliate program. The founder revealed that the path to $1.2 million was not easy. In the first year, they didn't make any money. In the second year, they made a little over $9,000. By year 3, the revenue reached $40,000, and the business started to make sense from that point onwards.

It contains an important lesson, which is that consistency plays a critical role here.



Giftlab generates 110,000 visits a month, with the majority of its traffic coming from search engines.


Approximately 670 pages are indexed by Google.


Tech Stack

  • Backend: WordPress
  • Database: MySQL
  • Frontend: jQuery