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Google Indexing Tool Making $8,000 a Month

Tag Parrot is a Google indexing tool for websites that accelerates the indexing of pages by Google within days, rather than months.


The Team

Tag Parrot was launched on February 19, 2023, by Blakey as his side project. Blakey is the sole developer working on this project.


Business Model & Revenue

Despite being a micro SaaS project, Tag Parrot quickly found its product-market fit and grew into an $8,000-per-month business.

As of November 1, 2023, Tag Parrot already generates $8,175 a month. It achieved this milestone in just 9 months since its launch, which is quite impressive for a side project.



The top traffic channels for Tag Parrot, sorted by percentage according to our research, are:

  1. Referral: The founder has done an excellent job building backlinks.


The top referral sites are:


  1. Organic Social: The founder has adopted the "build in public" approach on X to market his product, and it seems to be working quite well.

Tech Stack

  • Framework: Next.js
  • Frontend: Chakra UI