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Link in Bio Tool Making $20K a Month


Liinks is a "link in bio" tool.

What is a "link in bio" tool, you may ask? A "link in bio" tool is a service or platform that enables users, particularly those on social media, to share multiple links through a single clickable link.

Liinks is a side project developed by a solo developer and is currently generating $20,000 per month.


The Team

Liinks was launched in 2022 by Charlie Clark, a Software Engineer based in Brooklyn.


Business Model & Revenue

Liinks was initially launched with a freemium tier, which was later removed. It has since transitioned into a premium subscription service only.


In July 2023, Liinks reached $20K in monthly recurring revenue, with over 4,200 users utilizing this service to enhance their online presence.



As a link service, it is easy to understand that its main traffic sources come from direct and referral channels:


What's interesting is the major outbound links. From the top destination links shown below, it is safe to assume the service is mostly used by OnlyFans and Instagram creators, with OnlyFans creators being the top users:


Tech Stack

  • Operating System: Ubuntu
  • Server: Nginx
  • Frontend: ReactJS