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Passive Income via a Simple Tool Website


Jimpl is an online tool that allows you to upload photos and remove their EXIF data.


The Team

Toni, a web developer, needed a tool to check photo data. Toni found Jimpl and loved its simplicity. Toni contacted the Ukrainian owner to buy it, just as the war started in Ukraine. The owner agreed to sell (needed funds to escape) and Toni met him in Budapest to finalize the deal. A win-win - Toni got a great tool, he got safety in Poland.


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Business Model & Revenue

Jimpl uses Google AdSense as its monetization channel. It is currently generating 1000 EUR a month via AdSense.



Jimpl brings in close to 754k visits a month, which is exceptionally high for a simple tool site.


It has a loyal user base, as evidenced by the high percentage of direct traffic shown below.


Its primary channel for new traffic is Google SEO. It ranks highly for keywords such as exif data viewer, exif viewer, photo metadata, image metadata, and more.


Tech Stack

  • Backend: Ruby on Rails