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Printable PDFs Business Generates Passive Income via Email Marketing


Pjs and Paint is a website for downloading printable PDFs. The website sells printable content for parents and teachers.


The Team

Pjs and Paint was created by Kelly Crean in 2013 in order to create a passive income stream that would allow her to work from home and be with her children.


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Business Model & Revenue

Pjs and Paint makes money through several revenue streams. The primary revenue stream is display ads.


In addition to display ads, Pjs and Paint also makes money from digital product sales, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and YouTube.

Today her website earns more than $6.5k per month.


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The main marketing channels for this blog are email marketing and social media.

She sends out 2-3 emails a week during most of the year and 4-5 times a week during the holiday season. In order to grow her email list, she offers free printables to people who sign up. She also credits her clear niche for helping people understand what her site is about.


Tech Stack

  • Website: WordPress
  • Newseltter Platform: flodesk