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Workout Tracking App Makes $40k a Month


Hevy is a mobile workout tracker that helps you monitor your workouts and stay accountable.


The Team

Guillem Ros and Desmond McNamee co-founded Hevy in 2019, and they have since grown the team to eight people.


Business Model & Revenue

Hevy monetizes through a freemium subscription model, offering premium features with an upgrade to the Pro version. The pricing options to unlock these features are as follows:

  • Monthly: $3.99
  • Yearly: $23.99
  • Lifetime: $74.99

In 2022, the founders shared that the app generates approximately $20,000 per month on both Android and iOS platforms.



As a mobile app, Hevy maintains a high ranking in the health and fitness category. They reportedly have over 2 million users across their Android and iOS apps.

In addition to their app success, Hevy excels in SEO. Their main website,, received over 725.6K visits in September 2023, with more than 77% of that traffic coming from search engine optimization efforts.

traffic-overview.jpg traffic-distribution.jpg

Lastly, they have a dedicated subreddit for Hevy users at This subreddit not only serves as a community for its users but also serves as an effective marketing channel for driving traffic.


Tech Stack

  • App: React Native