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YouTube Thumbnail A/B Testing Tool Generating $10k a Month


ThumbnailTest is an A/B testing tool for YouTube thumbnails, enabling creators to assess the performance of various thumbnails and choose the most effective one.


The Team

ThumbnailTest was created by solo developer Rox in July 2022.


Business Model & Revenue

ThumbnailTest monetizes by charging creators a monthly subscription fee. Its lowest price is $15 a month, which is much more affordable compared to its competitors. According to Rox, this is one of the reasons he built this service: to provide a more affordable A/B testing tool for YouTube creators.

In November 2023, ThumbnailTest reached the significant milestone of $10,000 in monthly revenue.



The majority of the website's traffic comes from direct sources (33.84%) and referrals (38.73%). This indicates that the service has a good reputation in the industry, and it likely utilizes a referral program as part of its distribution channel.

SEO does not appear to be a significant distribution channel, as we were unable to identify any high-traffic keywords for which it ranks.


Tech Stack

  • Backend: NextJS
  • Frontend: TailwindCSS
  • Databaes: MongoDB