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9 Boring Non-software Business Ideas

Boring businesses solves real-world problem for people and build the most wealth for the owner. It's as simple as that. In this article, we take a look at 9 lucrative boring businesses ideas that are not software related.

How to Productize Your Services

Productizing your services means packaging them in a way that makes them resemble and function like a product, which can be more scalable, easier to market, and potentially more profitable.

Boring Business Marketing: Reddit Marketing

Distributing a boring business is key to making it work. Finding effective strategies to distribute your boring business can be a challenge. If you are one of those community enthusiasts, there's a platform that's often underestimated but holds tremendous potential: Reddit.

Boring Business Marketing: Paid Ads

When boring businesses solve real-world problems rather than chasing trebdt fads. Marketing is still as imporanat as the product development.

Boring Business Marketing - Social Media Marketing for Boring Businesses

The art of marketing transforms boring businesses into engaging and successful endeavors. If you only focus on product development and neglect marketing, your boring business will undoubtedly fail.