Useful articles to build profitable boring businesses.

Finding Boring Business Ideas Using Reddit

Reddit, often referred to as the "front page of the internet," is not only a platform for entertainment and discussions but also a valuable resource for discovering boring business ideas.

Finding Boring Business Ideas: Selling Shovels During a Gold Rush

So, you're interested in finding a boring business idea? If our approach to boring businesses has caught your attention, your next step on the journey of building a boring business is to look for opportunities that might seem, well, a bit mundane.

Boring Business vs Flashy Business: Building for Long-Term Value

In our opinion, boring business and the flashy Business are two differing philosophies guide on how business address challenges and opportunities in the market.

What Is a Boring Business?

When we talk about a "boring" business, we mean a business that focuses on solving real-world problems rather than chasing short-lived trends.