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Free Online Image Resizer Makes $100k a Year


ImageResizer is a simple online tool that allows people to resize their images. A "boring" site generates 3 million visits per month.


The Team

ImageResizer was started in 2013 and is operated by a small team of four people based in Canada and Bangladesh.



Business Model and Revenue

ImageResizer follows a straightforward business model. They offer a free online tool and generate revenue through display ads after experiencing substantial traffic growth.


According to the Adsense calculator by Google, a website like ImageResizer with 3 million monthly visits, including 1.1 million visits from Northern America (38.48%), has the potential to generate $100k per year. Not bad for a simple image resizer!




According to SEMRush, 38.48% of the traffic in June 2023 originated from North America. This is valuable traffic as the North American region is known to generate high traffic value for Google AdSense. These countries have a large number of internet users and a strong digital advertising market.

The top two traffic channels are search engines and direct visits:


Search Engine: 71.61%

This is the main source of traffic. Let's take a closer look at the keywords:


Direct: 25.74%

This indicates a strong brand presence and loyal user base.

Referral: 2.41%

The top referral site is Further investigation revealed that they are the same company.



Tech Stack

The basic tech stack for ImageResizer includes:

It's a simple tech stack with a scalable server infrastructure on AWS. In terms of its features, it doesn't involve anything overly complex. For its core functionality, existing JavaScript libraries can likely be found to handle the image resizing function on the client-side.

Should You Enter this Space?

The primary distribution channel for ImageResizer is SEO.


Based on our research, this is a highly competitive space. Here are a few other players in the same domain:

To enter this space, you will likely need some creative marketing strategies since SEO is saturated with existing competitors.