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Cookie Consent SaaS Generates $1 Million a Year


CookieFirst is a software that helps websites build cookie consent popups.

CookieFirst makes sure websites ask visitors for permission before storing information about them, like what they're browsing. This keeps things transparent and respectful of visitor privacy.


The Team

CookieFirst was founded by Tom Bos and Kees Bos in 2019. It is fully bootstrapped without any outside funding.


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Business Model & Revenue

CookieFirst makes money with a subscription model. They offer a free basic plan for websites with limited needs. But for businesses that want more features, like advanced cookie scanning or detailed consent statistics, they need to pay for a higher tier plan.

In an interview published in 2022, the business revealed it is generating $1 million a year.


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The number one traffic channel for CookieFirst is direct, which implies it has established a strong word-of-mouth reputation.

traffic-distribution.jpg The product's free version helps websites build a lot of backlinks, which is a perfect example of viral marketing.


These backlinks significantly boost the tool's SEO ranking.


A very well-thought-out and executed marketing strategy.

Tech Stack

  • Frontend: jQuery
  • Backend: PHP, Rails