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iOS Working Hour Tracker Makes $4,800 a Month


WorkTimes is an app that tracks and manages working hours. It is an Apple device-only app, working on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.


The Creator

WorkTimes was created by Florian Mielke in 2009. Florian Mielke is a proficient iOS freelancer, and WorkTimes was developed as a side project.

Business Model & Revenue

Initially, Florian Mielke charged users a one-time payment for using WorkTimes. The revenue generated was moderate and did not provide him with the runway to work on it full-time.


In 2020, 11 years after launching the app, Florian Mielke decided to give it one last try by changing the business model to a subscription.

This is when things clicked, and the app is currently making $4.8k a month.



From our research, the app relies on the official App Store to get customers. ASO (App Store Optimization) has been its main marketing strategy to grow revenue.


Tech Stack

  • Objective-C