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Job Scraping Bot Generates $12,000 a Month


Jobleads is a tool that helps recruiters find contact information for hiring managers. It accomplishes this by scraping job boards like Indeed and Linkedin.

Jobleads helps automate this process by using an algorithm to find the contact details based on job description, job title, location and company size.


The Team

The founders of Jobleads are Cas Van Oort and Ruben Strootman. It was launched in January 2023.


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Business Model & Revenue

Jobleads uses a subscription-based revenue model, currently generating $12,000 per month.



Jobleads got its first customer from the founders' connections as recruiters.

According to the founder, the current main marketing channel is going on podcasts and writing blog posts.

Based on their website traffic, we've found that they are highly active on LinkedIn. This aligns with their target audience, which consists of professional recruiters.


Tech Stack

  • Backend: PHP (Symfony)

  • Frontend: VueJS

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