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Online Quiz Maker Generates 3 Million a Year


Interact is an online tool for creating interactive quizzes.


The Team

Josh Haynam co-founded Interact with friends in college in 2014.


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Business Model & Revenue

Interact's business model is Software as a Service (SaaS) with recurring subscriptions. They charge users based on volume and features offered within the quizzes. Their revenue is nearly $3 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).


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Interact utilizes a inbound marketing strategy focused on these main channels:

  • Content marketing: They create various content types like blog posts, YouTube tutorials, and podcast appearances focused on quiz creation and strategy.
  • Affiliate partnerships: Interact collaborates with creators and service providers who promote Interact through content and webinars, providing valuable industry insights for Interact.
  • Webinars: They host webinars with their Chief Evangelist to educate potential and existing customers about quiz strategy.

Their marketing channels perform well, generating 1.1 million visits per month.


Tech Stack


  • JavaScript Libraries:
    • jQuery (for DOM manipulation, events, animations, and Ajax)
    • Moment.js (for date formatting)
    • Intersection Observer (for element visibility tracking)
  • JavaScript Frameworks
    • React (for building user interfaces)