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Spreadsheet Templates Business Generates $160K in Revenue


SimplyOrganizedPro is an Etsy business sells spreadsheet templates for personal and business finances.


The Team

SimplyOrganizedPro was started by HJ in December 2022, just a little over 1 year ago.


Business Model & Revenue

SimplyOrganizedPro sells templates individually or in bundles, and there is also a free template available. They are selling that template for $1 to $2.50 each and have made over 39,000 sales across 24 products.


The business is estimated to have earned $160,000:



There are no additional marketing channels for this business besides Etsy. It seems like the founder is solely leveraging the Etsy platform to distribute their products.

Selling digital products on Etsy is a very profitable business because digital products have very little overhead.

If you are interested in building an online business, Etsy might be worth a try.

Tech Stack

  • Etsy