Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash

Bite-sized analysis of boring businesses.

YouTube Thumbnail A/B Testing Tool Generating $10k a Month
ThumbnailTest is an A/B testing tool for YouTube thumbnails, enabling creators to assess the performance of various thumbnails and choose the most effective one.
Clocks Website Generates $300K a Year
Vclock is a website that provides four types of online clocks: alarm, timer, stopwatch, and time clock.
Bootstrapped Map Creator Generates $900 Monthly Recurring Revenue
Carta Maps is a no-code map creator. Unlike Google My Maps, which only enables the creation of personal maps, Carta Maps allows you to generate maps for both personal and business purposes.
Making $70k a Month with an Online Form Builder
Tally is a free online form builder. It is bootstrapped by two founders with zero outside funding.
Google Indexing Tool Making $8,000 a Month
Tag Parrot is a Google indexing tool for websites that accelerates the indexing of pages by Google within days, rather than months.