Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash

Bite-sized analysis of boring businesses.

Single Founder Business Generates Millions a Year
BuiltWith is a website analysis tool that offers insights into the technology stack used by different websites.
Single Page Password Generator Generates $100k Yearly
A "boring" idea that attracts one million monthly visits, potentially resulting in a 100k yearly revenue through Adsense.
Solo Founder Job Site Generates $350,000 a Year.
Key Values is a website that assists job seekers in discovering companies that resonate with their values and preferences.
Bank Statement Converter Making 9k a Month
Bank Statement Converter is a subscription service that helps convert bank statements from hundreds of banks worldwide into a clean Excel format.
Making 20K MRR via Webhook Service is a web service that allows users to create temporary, disposable webhooks for testing and inspecting HTTP requests.