Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash

Bite-sized analysis of boring businesses.

Link in Bio Tool Making $20K a Month
A "link in bio" tool is a service or platform that enables users, particularly those on social media, to share multiple links through a single clickable link.
Solo Developer Making $10k a Month from a Stock Photo Site
Picjumbo was created by Viktor, a designer, photographer, and WordPress developer.
Gift Idea Site Making $1.2 Million via Affiliate Links
Giftlab is a website that provides gift ideas for different people and various occasions.
Information Site for Countries Generates $700 a Month Passively
Random Country is a website that generates random countries along with their corresponding flags, maps, area, population, and capital cities.
Making $5000 a Month via a Single Web Page
Disk Prices is a simple website that lists hard disk prices on a single web page.